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Triad designs, engineers and manufactures components and full systems for the specialty and niche vehicle markets. Providing a full range of services, our qualified team engineers the integration of technologies applied to existing or unique purpose-built vehicles. These vehicle concepts are developed for predefined purposes or functions.

Triad has been responsible for engineering, design, program management, fabrication, procurement, assembly and field service support of unique, specialized, whole-vehicle programs. Our vast experience has led us to developing adapted and integrated automotive systems with classified protective systems specifically for secured vehicles.

Vehicle architecture is engineered to achieve specific purposes, such as:
• Vehicle function, performance, protection and maneuverability
• Occupant requirements
• No conversions or adaptations of existing OEM vehicles—these are vehicles built from the “ground up”

Left: MV1
Unique architecture was required for this vehicle intended to accommodate disabled passengers, resulting in a unique chassis and body. OEM powertrain and other components were integrated to minimize cost and functional risk. After validation and certification testing, the entire package was released into the AM General system, where it is currently produced under contract to Mobility Ventures.

Upper Right: Syclone Typhoon
Powertrain, interior and exterior modifications transformed base GM S10 and T10 products into turbocharged, all-wheel-drive, sport-oriented vehicles, capable of 0 to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. Vehicles were validated and certified to all GM and FMVSS standards. Triad developed the manufacturing process that leveraged the base vehicle plant capabilities, establishing subassembly and final assembly satellite facilities.

Lower Right: SSR
Triad designed the adaptation of the GMT360 chassis and powertrain into an entirely new body and interior to create the Chevrolet SSR. This product was developed and released into the GM system, producing 25,000 vehicles from 2003 to 2006. Vehicle subsystems were manufactured in an ASC facility in Lansing; final assembly occurred in the GM Lansing Craft Center, following all aspects of GM protocol.

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