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Powertrain Integration, Triad Services Group Form Total Vehicle Development Partnership

MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich., (August 15, 2012) — Powertrain Integration, LLC (PI) and Triad Services Group, Inc. (Triad) have entered into a partnership to provide total vehicle services. Through this agreement, PI and Triad will have the ability to provide services for every phase of vehicle development–from concept to production.  

Combining resources of these two companies fosters the ability to design, engineer, develop, validate and certify complete vehicle products, while leveraging OEM componentry without requiring OEM involvement.

Both PI and Triad have a long-standing relationship with General Motors. As one of GM Powertrain’s (GMPT) On-Highway integration partners, PI has access to General Motors engines, transmissions, controls systems, math data and components released in the GM parts bin and support their integration into vehicles.

“This is a unique pairing that will now open up an avenue to access OE-level parts,” said Dave Bjerke, president, Triad Services Group.

“This unprecedented agreement will open the door for fully synthesized vehicles using GM products,” said Robert Pachla, president, Powertrain Integration. “This is a great opportunity for both large- and small-scale OEM car builders to utilize highly skilled drivetrain and technical engineers and designers to create one-off or low-volume vehicles according to their own specifications.”

PI is responsible for engineering, packaging, integration and certification of GM engines and transmission products. The company serves several niche markets, including cargo delivery vehicles, motor homes, school buses and specialty vehicles, including alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles.

Triad offers a broad range of total vehicle development capabilities that can be applied to products using GM componentry, from conceptual design and prototype fabrication and assembly to vehicle validation. Triad also provides low-volume production engineering that is consistent with GM’s high-volume protocols and quality expectations.

Triad specializes in complete vehicle synthesizing, including chassis and body design engineering, electrical design and integration and data management to replicate OEM functionality.

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About Triad Services Group

Triad Services Group is a vehicle systems integration firm that has been providing services for more than 30 years. It specializes in the design, engineering, production and assembly of derivative vehicles, subsystems and components. The company offers a wide range of services, such as vehicle conceptual design, advanced vehicle engineering and design, production design and engineering, and prototype vehicle fabrication, assembly and development. It also offers a variety of other services that include vehicle enhancements, vehicle and systems validation and certification, volume manufacturing engineering, and design and engineering tools. Founded in 1972, Triad Services Group is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company and is located in Madison Heights, Mich. For additional information, please visit

About Powertrain Integration, LLC

Formed in 2004, Madison Heights, Mich.-based Powertrain Integration is the automotive industry’s first total system solution company for OEM engines and drivetrains. The company provides the broadest range of systems, engine components and services, specifically focusing on the unique needs of specialty OEM automakers. From low- to high-volume programs, it provides customers with complete packaging, design, engineering and dress assembly capability for the complete powertrain system. The goal of the company is to provide complete validated and certified engine and transmission packages. For additional information, please visit

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